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Universal Supps was established in 2016 by 4 founders who wanted to bring something different to the health & fitness industry; to remove the stigma and judgement associated with a supplement store, and instead show you that the only person you should inspire to be better than is who you were yesterday.


The idea behind the store was to provide the customer service that has been lacking in society for years. The friendly smile when you walk in the door, being greeted, educated and inspired. The purpose behind this company is to create a family, a family where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions, to learn and expand their knowledge - not to be judged, laughed at or told to take a certain supplement or train a certain way without any explanation.

Here at universal Supps it is our job to empower you on your journey, to create a better lifestyle for yourself and those around you. We empower you with knowledge of training, nutrition and supplementation combined with inspiration and persistence - and it's a winning combination.


Nicole Blachut - CEO & Managing Director

Hello everyone, First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nicole I'm the Manager here at Universal Supps and one of the Owners also.

My roles and duties are Day to day running of store, managing of staff with training and upskilling, also of course customer relations and networking. I am always trying to further my knowledge and experience to ensure our message is being passed on, and our passion for helping everyone with our knowledge is shared with all persons who enter our store.

I'm bringing with me my knowledge and experience of over 10yrs within the industry ranging from Gridion, soccer, strong woman events, competitive horse riding events and also tae - kwon - do, along with powerlifting and bodybuilding. These above are all my passions. These are just the ones I have participated in personally. Now with studies I studied both psychology and sports and exercise science at Bond University, and currently finalising my degree in para medicine, Now moving onto supplementation, through my studies I thoroughly examined all breakdowns of chemicals used and affects on the body for both male and females and their hormones. I always test each and every product we stock and sell, and ensure I know how it reacts on all levels, also continuing on working with and studying supplementation from forums, podcasts and detailed scientific studies helps me to ensure I give the best and most professional advice to the best of my knowledge to ensure the best results and are safely done so.

Well that will be enough about me from this side of things, other than this I have a beautiful little family with my partner along side me with just as much passion for helping everyone, along with our daughters who also love helping out especially with Bootcamp's. You will be able to see the passion and knowledge that my partner has in his profile. Other than this I have always loved horses and have worked with and competed with horses for many years, dressage being my favourite. Hope to see you in store soon!


Nicole Blachut

Rob Ronke - Customer Relations & Sales

Hi, my name is Rob and I'm part of the Team here at Universal Supps. My role is customer relations and sales.

I work closely with our sponsored athletes and ambassadors to ensure our message of sharing our knowledge with everyone is being delivered across the board. I come with over 12 year’s experience in the industry ranging from Defence & Combat training, athletic and sports, mixed martial arts and boxing, along with powerlifting and bodybuilding.

I have personally competed within these genres while also coaching others to excel and achieve their goals. I have many qualifications in this field and paired with sports massage, I'm able to ensure I cover all bases with training, nutrition and recovery. Now with supplementation added to my fore, you can ensure you are in the right hands. I test each and every product we stock and sell to be sure that I understand how it reacts on all levels pre, during and post training. I have been working with and studying supplementation for over 10yrs and this helps me to ensure I give the best and most professional advice to assist you to achieve optimal results within the realms of your health.

On a personal note, I have a beautiful family that I love and adore, 2 beautiful daughters who also share my passion for fitness and an amazing partner who is actually the manager of Universal Supps and so much more! Hope to see you in store someday soon!


Rob Ronke

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